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How To Make A Kite

How to make a kite

● 3 pieces of cane
● Thread
● Large sheet of strong paper (e.g. tissue)
● Soft pencil
● Scissors
● Paint and paintbrush
● Glue
● Strong string

Procedure :
The Frame
● Dampen the cane to make flexible
● Carefully, bend the cane to desired shape then tie securely with thread

The Covering
● Lay the frame on sheet of paper
● Trace around frame with pencil
● Cut covering approximately 1 cm larger than the outline
● Paint bird on covering (e.g. bowl)
● When paint is dry, place the frame on unpainted side.
● Now, fold edges of covering over the frame carefully, and glue them down.

The Bridle
● Cut 3 pieces of string, each 20 cm long.
● Secure one end of each string tightly to frame at the shoulders and tail of the bird.
● Then, tie the other ends in a knot.

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